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Save-the-Date-Cards: Everything You Need to Know
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Save-the-Date-Cards: Everything You Need to Know

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Save The Date Cards The best way to let your friends and family know that you're getting hitched-and lock them in for the big day!-is with a save-the-date card. These simple little announcements contain a wealth of information in just a few words. They tell the recipient who is getting married, when and where they're getting married-and that they hope she'll be in attendance! They also serve as a subtle sign of the event to come: the colors, style, and presentation of the save-the-date card forecast what the guests will experience at the wedding celebration. Ready to get started? Here's all you need to know:

Why Send Out a Save-the-Date?
You want to give invitees a heads-up about the date and location of your wedding so they can get it on their calendars and start making any necessary arrangements. It's a courtesy that will not go unappreciated! Plus, it gives guests a glimpse into the party you're planning. If you're planning a wedding at a busy time-for instance, during one of the heavy wedding months (May or October), a holiday, or a school break-you'll want to be sure the people you most want to be in attendance don't already have plans. And if you're having a destination wedding, your guests will need ample time to make travel arrangements. A save-the-date is a straightforward and efficient way of letting people know that your wedding date is set, but it can also be a fun project and a wonderful way to get your creative engines running.

What Should You Include on Your Card?
A save-the-date must have three main pieces of information: who, when, and where. The date and the location are critically important. If you'll be inviting many out-of-town guests, or celebrating over a holiday weekend that people tend to use for vacation travel, or tying the knot far from home, you'll want your guests to know so they can put your wedding on the calendar and make all the arrangements required. Couples occasionally provide additional information on their save-the-dates, such as a wedding website with more details of the event and photos of the happy couple. Include whatever details you want to ensure that your guests will be with you on the big day, but keep it short and sweet! Remember that the formal announcement will follow.

When Should You Send It Out?
We recommend mailing out save-the-dates three to twelve months prior to the wedding, depending on the type of wedding you're planning. If it's a local wedding, in which most of the guests will be traveling no more than a few miles to attend, three months is plenty of time. If you're planning a wedding that will take place over a number of days, give guests a little more time and the opportunity to let you know how much of the event they'll be present for. A wedding held on a holiday weekend (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, the winter holidays) should be announced far in advance, to guarantee that your friends and loved ones get you on their calendar first. And a destination wedding should ideally be announced a year or so in advance, so guests have enough time to make travel arrangements. Your guests will thank you for the advance notice, and it will allow you to get an early estimate of how many guests to expect!

Now that you know everything there is to know about save-the-dates, start looking through the wide selection at PaperStyle.com. You are sure to find just the right card for your wedding!

Shop our collection of Save The Date Cards

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