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Announcing the New Arrival: Getting the Words Right
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Announcing the New Arrival: Getting the Words Right

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Birth Announcements Finding the right Birth Announcements words for a momentous occasion can be hard-especially when that occasion is the birth of a new baby. This life-changing event may leave you speechless-either from awe or lack of sleep!-but don't let that keep you from celebrating the arrival of your little one with a sweetly worded birth announcement. With only four essential elements, a birth announcement is a simple way of sharing your big news with everyone you know. All you have to do is add the important details. Read on for quick tips on saying exactly what you want to say when announcing your new baby to the world.

Before you get to the unique details of your baby's birth, choose a phrase of introduction that suits your circumstances and your personality. You can go with simple and classic:
We are thrilled to announce the birth of
Announcing our new addition

Or you can have fun with it:
And then there were three!
Hello, baby! Goodbye, sleep.

An adoption can be expressed in a number of ways:
We welcome with joy
Our bundle of joy has arrived
We are proud to introduce our adopted son

And multiples warrant their own special announcement:
We've been blessed…Twice!
Twins are twice as nice!
Yesterday, two…Today, five!

If the new baby has an older sibling, the big brother or sister may do the introducing:
My baby sister is here!
Jonah has a baby brother!

The Name Game
The baby's name is perhaps the most important part of the birth announcement. Especially if you've kept the name a secret, or waited to choose a name until the birth, everyone will be eager to know what the little one will be called. You have a number of options: The baby's full name-first, middle, and last-is always appreciated, especially if you and your spouse have different last names. The first name and middle name, if the baby has one, are perfect to include if the last name is known. If the baby will go by a name that isn't his or her first name, be sure to indicate that on the announcement (for example, Charles Henry, "Hank"). You may even consider including a nickname if the baby already has one (such as "Lucille Elaine, or Charlotte's sister 'Lulu'").

Details, Details, Details
It is traditional to give certain details of the baby's birth on the announcement. You can include all of these, only a few, or more-whatever you want to share with others. The common details included on an announcement are the date and time of the birth, the birth weight and length, and the location of the birth. For example:

Stella Rose
Born July 1 at 5:25 p.m.
7 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 inches long
Miami, Florida

All in the Family
Whoever is announcing the baby-Mom and Dad, big sister, Grandma and Grandpa-should include his or her name. If you are announcing the birth of your child, you can give your first name and that of your spouse, or you can give both of your full names. Siblings should also be mentioned, even if they are not introducing the baby. Some new parents even like to include their pet's name, especially if he was the first "child" in the house!

Follow these four simple steps, and wording your baby's birth announcement will be the easy part-the hard part will be deciding on your favorite design for the card! With options for baby boys, baby girls, multiples, and adopted babies; for photo cards and those without photos; for folded cards and flat cards, you won't have a problem finding creative announcements you like at Paperstyle.com-but you may have a problem finding just one!

Shop our collection of Birth Announcements

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