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5 Tips for Creating Bridal Shower Invitations
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5 Tips for Creating Bridal Shower Invitations

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Bridal Shower Invitations Your friend (or sister, or cousin) is getting married, and you're hosting the bridal shower. You want to throw a party she'll love and you'll be proud of, so first things first: once you talk with the bride-to-be and nail down a theme and a date, you'll want to order the invitations and mail them out. Creating a bridal shower invitation can be an exciting, creative process, but don't make decisions lightly: there are a few things you must do to make sure the invitation is not only well received but also effective. Here are five tips for creating a bridal shower invitation that is personal and detailed, and-most important-gets to the right people at the right time.

1. Get the guest list in advance. There's nothing worse than a party with no guests. Make sure the event is memorable and full of well-wishers by securing a guest list from the bride-to-be a couple of months before the bridal shower date. Invitations should be mailed out three to four weeks before the party date, and you'll want a few weeks on top of that to decide on a theme and choose and order the invitations. If this is the only bridal shower she's having, make sure that the wedding party is invited, as well as family and close friends. Ask the bride-to-be for a complete list of names and addresses; when ordering the invitations, add five to ten to the number on the list in case someone was inadvertently left off. Special tip: Purchase thank-you notes for the bride, and as you receive each RSVP, address an envelope for that guest. You can give the box of addressed envelopes and blank thank-yous to the guest of honor as a gift at the shower.

2. Choose a bridal shower invitation the bride-to-be will love. You may be hosting this event, but it's all about the bride-so make sure the invitation is one she would have picked for herself. If you know her well, this shouldn't be hard: Is she classy and elegant? A more refined invitation, perhaps with a floral border and a delicate typeface, might suit her well. Is she fun-loving and outgoing? An invitation featuring a cartoon bride with her likeness might be a good option. If you don't know the bride well enough to choose something she'd adore, talk to her friends and family-and don't be shy about asking the bride herself. It's her party, after all! Special tip: When choosing an invitation, draw inspiration from the wedding colors, the type of wedding, or even the honeymoon destination-the guest of honor will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and she'll be sure to love what you choose!

3. Include all the important details. With a bridal shower invitation, the information that's on it is just as important as what it looks like. A gorgeous card that suits the bride's tastes and style perfectly will fall flat if the information included is inaccurate or incomplete. Before ordering, make sure you go over the details of the shower with the bride and any co-hosts. Confirm dates and times, spellings, and directions. When pulling together the different details, make sure you've answered the three Ws: When (day of the week, date of the month, and time of day), Where (name and address of the bridal shower location, whether it's your home, a restaurant, or another venue), and What (the theme of the shower, such as kitchen-and-linens shower, bridal shower tea, couples shower, etc.). Three other vital pieces of information are the host or hosts, an RSVP contact (the host's phone number and/or email address), and registry details (where and under what name, if necessary). Additional information may include directions to the venue and any special instructions to the guests. Special tip: If you're worried about your bridal shower invitation looking too cluttered, consider putting secondary information, such as registry and directions, on the reverse of the card. Just remember to indicate its location on the front.

Bridal Shower Invitations 4. Have fun with the wording. Once you've determined all the things you have to say, you can have fun with what you want to say. A charming line about the bride or the couple will personalize the shower invitation and make it one of a kind. Adding a playful line of text-even just a sweet rhyme-will also serve the purpose of helping invitees remember the event and its details. Special tip: Having trouble coming up with something unique to write on the bridal shower invitation? Choose one that lets you personalize, such as this option from PaperStyle.com: Shimmer Floral Bridal Shower Invitations.

Bridal Shower Invitations 5. Use the invitation as inspiration. A bridal shower invitation can do more than just inform guests of when and where the party will be. It can also give you fresh ideas for the shower itself. When choosing an invitation for your bridal shower party, think about how its design elements might translate into an element of the event-such as decorations, cake design, or favors. With this couples shower invitation featuring black-and-white photos of the bride- and groom-to-be as kids: Floral Whimsy Pink Photo Wedding Shower Invitations, you could decorate with hot pink, black, and white balloons; set up framed photos of the two through the years (alone and together) or create a video montage of photos to play during the shower; and have a dessert of cupcakes decorated with the first initial of the bride's and groom's names. Special tip: This advice works in reverse as well: if you have a theme and colors in mind, simply choose an invitation that goes along with them.

Creating the perfect invitation is an important part of throwing a successful and memorable bridal shower. Use these tips as a guide, and have fun with it!

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