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Crane Stationery Notes

Send Your Best with Crane!

Since 1801, Crane has been celebrating the art of corresponding through rich and elegant 100% cotton stationery notes. Write your thank you note in style! Crane stationery notes are always an excellent choice, whether you are sending a note of thanks for a thoughtful gift or a letter to an old friend filled with exciting new stories and lovely memories from long ago. Crane's luxurious notes, made from 100% cotton, offer delicate designs ranging from classic to modern with a wonderful color palette of papers and inks to choose from. Order yours today!

Crane Thank You Notes

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Hand Bordered Noblesse Monogram Folded ...
$ 149.00 for 25

Palazzo Splendor Monogram Folded Notes
$ 130.00 for 25

Yours Truly Filigree Folded Notes
$ 135.00 for 25

Edwardian Elegance Duo Monogram Folded ...
$ 130.00 for 25

Fine China Folded Notes
$ 130.00 for 25

Cordially Yours Correspondence Cards
$ 231.00 for 25

Addressed Correspondence Cards
$ 143.00 for 25

Arbor Afternoon Correspondence Cards
$ 309.00 for 25

Capital Letterpress Correspondence Cards
$ 480.00 for 25

Empire State Salutations Correspondence ...
$ 137.00 for 25

Country Club Missives Correspondence ...
$ 137.00 for 25

Embossed Elegant Frame Correspondence ...
$ 377.00 for 25

Engraved Charming Mariner Lettra Folded ...
$ 233.00 for 25

Arbor Afternoon Folded Notes
$ 225.00 for 25

Hand Bordered Noblesse Name Folded Notes
$ 149.00 for 25

Hand Painted Bordered Noblesse ...
$ 156.00 for 25

Corner Office Correspondence Cards
$ 143.00 for 25

Derbyshire Dashing Engraved ...
$ 241.00 for 25

Becoming In Blue Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25

Hand Painted Border Monogram ...
$ 156.00 for 25

Letterpress Main Street Correspondence ...
$ 241.00 for 25

Golden Bee Folded Notes
$ 230.00 for 25

Elegant Lettra Letterpress Family ...
$ 241.00 for 25

Embossed Frame Correspondence Cards
$ 377.00 for 25

Elegant Hand Painted Borders ...
$ 156.00 for 25

Mid Century Modern Correspondence Card
$ 231.00 for 25

Sun Deck Correspondence Card
$ 137.00 for 25

Embossed Antique Frame Correspondence ...
$ 377.00 for 25

Hydrangea Folded Notes
$ 135.00 for 25

Paris In Springtime Folded Notes
$ 140.00 for 25

Midnight In The Garden Bordered ...
$ 149.00 for 25

Harvard Square Correspondence Cards
$ 238.00 for 25

Royalty Initial Lettra Folded Notes
$ 237.00 for 25

Pearl White Royalty Monogram Folded ...
$ 128.00 for 25

Hand Painted Bordered Folded Notes
$ 149.00 for 25

Madison Avenue Monogrammed ...
$ 137.00 for 25

Hand Painted Border Correspondence Cards
$ 156.00 for 25

Seaside Sentiments Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25

Hand Painted Border Create Your Own ...
$ 149.00 for 25

Pastoral Polish Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25

Yacht Club Cordial Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25

Summer Home Salutations Folded Notes
$ 235.00 for 25

Priceless Painting Hand Bordered Folded ...
$ 149.00 for 25

Pomp And Pup Folded Notes
$ 230.00 for 25

Hand Painted Border Monogram Folded ...
$ 149.00 for 25

Vintage Fleur de Lis Folded Notes
$ 230.00 for 25

Patisserie Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25

Pearl White Royalty Correspondence Cards
$ 137.00 for 25
Showing 1 - 48 of 68
Crane stationery notes speak for themselves. Personalize Crane thank you notes from our wide selection of this top designer.

Crane & Co Stationery Notes

We pride ourselves in carrying the very best quality of stationery at Paper Style, and Crane stationery notes are no exception - however they are exceptional! Crane has a long history of providing excellence in papers. But as you browse our wide selection of Crane stationery and cards, youíll find they offer more than just excellent the papers. Crane has a style that is card to match. You can customize your Crane stationery notes with a unique monogram to really make a statement. Personalize your Crane thank you notes with your name by choosing from one of their lovely fonts. Crane stationery notes are created with stunning illustrations accented with the perfect hues.

Although we live in an electronic obsessed world, nothing can replace a hand-written Crane stationery thank you note. When someone gives you a gift, they took the time to think about what you would enjoy. Perhaps they found a scarf in your favorite color or maybe they brought over a home cooked meal after you had your baby. Their thoughtfulness should be returned and when you send them Crane thank you notes from Paper Style, your thanks is heard loud and clear. A generous act by a family member or friend deserves more than a quick email, no matter how grateful your intentions are. When writing your Crane thank yous, be sure to make your statement specific to the gift. Mention how you canít wait to wear the new earring they got you with your new black sweater that matches the style perfectly.

Family and friends will shower you with gifts when it comes to weddings and baby arrivals. No matter how big or small the gift, it warrants a personalized thank you note from Crane. Paper Style carries Crane stationery in a variety of colors and designs. Choose Crane baby stationery notes with your little oneís name custom printed on there. If youíve just tied the knot, show of your new last name with a lovely Crane stationery folded note, customized just for you. Add an envelope liner to make the colors pop! Children are never too young to learn the value of writing a proper thank you note. Make it fun for them with custom printed Crane stationery notes. With a personalized Paper Style Crane stationery note, you can send your thank you message in style!
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